A legendary launch so crazy it might just bring back the energy of the 90s Golden era of Sneaker.
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Crazy Legendary​​​​​​​
A little out there, a little odd and a lot of attitude - these are the Adidas Crazy Collection. When Kobe Bryant was still a rising star, these were the shoes on his feet and represented a moment in footwear, style and sport that has shaped a generation. 
With this retro relaunch, we will capture the zeitgeist of the mid-90s with a fitting craziness. The shoes embody standing out and pushing forward, and despite the athlete no longer being a forward-facing aspect of the story we can realize the mindset of the player and the era in every touchpoint. 

The mid-90s were the golden era of sneakers. For the relaunch of the Crazy Collection, we brought the energy of the time. It was about being bold, doing things differently and obsessing the product for more than its resale price tag. 
For the OG collector, this will be a nod of nostalgia. For the kid coming up, this will be a tactile moment. And for everyone getting the Crazy footwear, this will be something out of the ordinary that speaks to the mindset of the product’s era. This drop will be as unexpected as the product itself.

The Blueprint

The 90s represent a golden era for sneakers, sport and style. From the irreverent attitude to iconic silhouettes, legendary players to a new style of toe to head dressing, this was a moment that shaped culture and still is inspiring the tastes of today. We will bring that nostalgia and swagger to life through a visual direction that celebrates the processes that informed the look of the decade. 

Inspired by the ‘by hand’ processes seen in the design process and advertising layouts of the 90s - from the hand-cut lettering to the sketched notes left by creative directors on the films, we will bring the feel of the 90s to life across all touchpoints. This hyper tactile approach will bring visual richness to the product drop and can connect end-to-end from how the product is shot to the aesthetic of the seeding kit. 

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